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E85EU Ethanol Conversion Kit installation

Before installation of your ethanol conversion kit can begin, it is important that the vehicle is in good mechanical condition. Here is a list of things to check:

Spark Plugs and Spark Plug Cables:

They should be kept with the same thermal degree indicated by the engine manufacturer; this should not be altered. They should be changed at manufacture'rs recommended intervals.

Fuel, oil and engine oil filters:

They should be changed for the engine safety and user comfort sake. It is recommended to make the change at the first 1,000 Km after the E85EU Kit installation, because the oil filter and fuel filter can be contaminated with the sludge caused by petrol. From then on, the change should be made at manufacturer's recommended intervals. If your vehicle has been running on 98 E15 then this will not be an issue as the ethanol used to date will have helped clean out your fuel system.


The engine should be in good working order; any oil leaks or rough idling should be addressed with a full engine service prior to converting over to E85. Warn parts or faulty sensors will only cause the engine to perform poorly on E85 and result in poor mileage.

Fuel Pump:

Check the fuel pump pressure and flow. These items are important for the good operation of the system. The fuel pump should be in accordance and within the standards set by the vehicle manufacturer.


The injectors should not be cleaned. The injectors are gauged to run under the normal pressure of 3.0 bar, with 5% tolerance -- a low tolerance that, if not respected, can cause losses: increased consumption, poor vehicle performance, bumps while changing gears and difficulty to reach the maximum speed.


The polarity of the injectors is important; some vehicle manufacturers invert the feeding, thus causing problems when you have to install some equipment. However, E85EU Kit answers the problem by providing the plug set dissembled so that they can be assemble according to the polarity of the vehicle's set up. Please refer to our installation instruction section for this matter.

Oxygen sensor:

It should be in perfect operating condition; this means that, submitted to an evaluation, it should be oscillating and always bordering on minimum and maximum.

All other sensors:

Make sure that all other vehicle sensors are in good working condition: the conversion kit unit needs the proper data to run engine controls to allow normal driving conditions to be met.

Installing your E85EU conversion kit is relatively easy But should be done by a skilled auto electrician. It is very important to verify that your vehicle is in good condition as faulty sensors will lead to poor performance and even engine damage. We have a group of installers who do a full car inspection as well as installation, but you can choose to use your own auto mechanic. We are happy to provide technical assistance to your mechanic if needed.

Once the kit has been installed, you should continue to drive with regular unleaded petrol (or E10 if this is what you have been using) for about 100 km to allow your car’s computer to adjust to the kit. After this initial adjustment period, you can fill up with E85.

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