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Choosing a Kit

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Choosing the right conversion kit for your car is relatively easy. You can start by looking at our vehicle maker section and clicking on the logo of your vehicles maker. We have listed the common connector type used by each maker for your convenience.

Depending on your car, there may be several possible connector types used on your vehicle and it is important to lift the bonnet of your car to check. The fuel injectors are generally located on the top of the cars engine and should be relatively accessible; some exceptions to this rule are Subaru’s horizontally apposed boxer engines which have the injectors off to the left and right hand sides of the engine.

By unplugging one of the connectors you can compare it with the examples. It is important that you check, if you don’t like getting your fingers greasy then ask your local mechanic next time your car goes in for a service.

Once you know your connecter type ordering is as simple as choosing the right number of cylinders and the connector type for your car. We accept credit card payments throught as well as direct deposits to our back account.

Installing your E85EU conversion kit is relatively easy But should be done by a trained auto electrican. It is very important to verify that your vehical is in good condition as fulty sensors will lead to poor performance and even endine damage.

Once the kit has been installed you should continue to drive with regular unleaded petrol (or E10 if this is what you have been using) for about 100km to give your car’s computer to adjust to the kit. After this initial adjustment period you can now fill up with E85.


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