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Welcome to E85EU Conversion Kits

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Welcome to E85EU Conversion Kits

Our mission is to provide the best ethanol conversion systems to people who want to make a difference to environment.

The E85EU Ethanol Conversion Kit is a Bi-Fuel Manager which works with microprocessors that automatically adapt to your fuel system requirements.

The computer system calculates an ultra fine adjustment which may increase fuel economy and better performance for your vehicle.

The E85EU Conversion Kit is an intelligent, electronic manager run by microprocessors and software that controls the vehicle's stoichiometry* -- thus enabling ideal fuel adjustment, and offering you the flexibility of running your vehicle on any mixture of petrol and ethanol [that is: E85, E10, unleaded petrol -- or any mix inbetween (i.e. ethanol-petrol ratio)].

*Stoichiometry (the ratio of which Air + Fuel are mixed) is also known as ideal combustion.

How it Works:

Our product is a fully automatic and programmable, bi-fuel electronic management system, with its functions controlled by software. This software operates with the information received from the vehicle modules (ECU).

The manager receives the information generated by the module and processes new calculations, thus generating an ultra fine adjustment with increased fuel economy and better performance for the car system.

Our kit can be used in any vehicle in good operating condition.



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